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A Wacky, Hysterical Adventure

Brooke Atomica, defender of pizza and local ass kicking enthusiast, must stop a deadly league of evil corporations from wiping out every city in the world. She must platform and fight her way through the land, and hunt down the companies that have teamed up before they destroy everything. With inspiration from Mega Man X, Gunstar Heroes, and Freedom Planet thrown into a blender, this action platformer balances it's absurdity with level design that's been baked with evened challenge and fairness. Levels are developed with a steady learning curve and just the right amount of insanity sprinkled in to complete the feast that is Brooke Vs. World Doom.

Explosive Gameplay

Put your platforming abilities to the ultimate test in jaw dropping, body shaking action. Blast away baddies, reign destruction in enemy territory, and rip through pesky monsters like nothing with astoundingly powerful weapons. Each stage has tons of environmental mechanics that Brooke can use to aid in her destruction of evil. Keep your eyes out for cool stuff; explore levels for powerful pickups and bonus weapons.

The Epic Story

Brooke goes head-to-head against a new union of evil corporations. An ordinary construction company, Deluxe Construct, has become remarkably nefarious. Their CEO, Miss Alison, suggests that the deconstruction of the world will allow for a Modern Renaissance, an entire world rebuild that guarantees the safety of everyone in the land. With her excellent business skills, Alison has convinced a handful of the world's most powerful companies to make her Modern Renaissance a reality. It's up to Brooke to single handedly stop this congregation of destruction.

Feedback and Support

This game is currently being solo developed and is far from perfect; all feedback is super welcome and appreciated. I would love to hear what you think about the game after playing the demo!

Wanna support this project? You can:
- Support my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=11522951
My Patreon doesn't have any extra content locked behind a paywall, but you can use it as an easy way to support the game as time goes on.

- Donate to my Paypal: paypal.me/SlyBalto

Wanna contact me directly with suggestions, critiques, and roasts about Brooke Vs. World Doom? Say hi to me on Discord! SlyBalto#1566

Enjoy the game! :)

~ SlyBalto

Peeps Behind the Madness:

Creator / SlyBalto
Art Advisor / Tanker5hane
Music / Aaron E. Watson, ZapSplat.com, Ian @buddyfrienddude
Sound Effects / ZapSplat.com, BFXR.net


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So great! I love the over the top visuals, fun yet simple platforming, and variety of weapons.  My FAVORITE thing about this game is it's unique sense of humor which had me real life LOLing several times and made me want to play more to discover more hilarious moments in Brooke's adventure. One thing I was wishing to have was the ability to shoot in more angles as opposed to just 45 degree increments. Also, I need more moments where I can throw surfboards at baddies... its just too fun!

Can't wait to see this game fully polished and released. Spectacular work! 

Thank you so much for playing, I'm glad you had a great time! For awhile now I have been thinking about giving Brooke 360 degree aiming, and I think I might actually be able to do it. I made a test project for a twin stick shoot em up before and I actually got 360 degree aiming working for both keyboard+mouse and on a controller after doing some research. It would be some work to redesign the controls and make the animations work correctly for Brooke with the new system, but I'm gonna do some experimenting. Also, the surf boards will return in a future level for sure!


A let's talk. <3

<3 ;)


As Usual Gameplay Footage from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!

Deleted 108 days ago

a very good start the mechanics feel super smooth but there's quite a few glitches where the game gets stuck or crashes and the volume for sound effects i.e. shooting stuff is wayyyyyy to loud imo but gj so far my play through here 


Hey! Thank you so much for playing my game! This is actually going to be improved very soon and the glitches you encountered will be fixed asap! It looks like I should've fixed it up a lot more before I made it public, do you suggest I make it private temporarily while I fix all the glitches and then make it public again when it's ready?


I'd keep it public for more feedback sorry for late reply