Autumn Fixes

What better way to kick off the autumn season than answering player feedback? Several fixes in level design and various bug fixes are now live thanks to players who’ve given the game great feedback after SAGE 2020. So, grab a sizzling slice of your favorite pizza, watch the leaves fall, and check out the most exciting updates now live in Brooke Vs. World Doom!

  • The World Tour screen is gloriously back from repairs! Once more you can get lost in the dreamy synthwave map while staring at your records from times gone by.
  • New Vaporwave/Synthwave inspired visual effects now implemented in every level! Kick ass in a style home grown from the lively era between ‘85 and ‘95!
  • The ending of Ancient Tree has been replaced with a newly designed section that better puts the player’s abilities they’ve learned to the test. Some wooden pullout sections that players considered too difficult and frustrating have been tuned to be much less annoying but still challenging enough.
  • Fixed an issue where aiming straight up with a controller while facing left would cause brooke to aim straight forward. Fixed another issue where aiming up while facing right would make Brooke look like she’s aiming down.
  • Put up signs to teach players various controls that were missing. Spruced up existing signs that weren’t noticeable so players can learn controls like activating the cable car in the Ancient Tree level better.
  • Lantern Bombs in the Ancient Tree are easier to destroy now. Players should be able to wreck explosive havoc with ease now.
  • The Options menu has been redesigned so all options appear on the same screen of the cell phone for ease of access. A bug where players can’t exit the menu unless they press Enter should be fixed now.
  • Electronics Factory’s poor performance has been fixed with fully redone lighting.
  • More environmental detail has been added to all three playable levels.
  • Electronics Factory further has been revised to use more of the new mechanics introduced in previous updates in both Original and Hardcore game modes.
  • All three levels now have showcase camera shots before the level begins. Previously, only Hydro Rapids City had them.

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Sep 26, 2020

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