Obliterating the Silence

Things have been pretty quiet in terms of updates…

Until now!!!

I’m obliterating the silence with a new update now available for Brooke Vs. World Doom!! This year Brooke is smashing back into the SAGE Expo with a crazy list of new additions and improvements in this very special update:

  • The fourth playable level, Winter Assault, is finally playable! It introduces a new weapon, Crazy Rockets, which automatically seek out enemies in the same general direction as the missiles. There's also a secret weapon that you can find that's a variant of an existing weapon from Enter the Dam, so keep an eye out for it!
  • Shuriken Blasts now electrify themselves after bouncing off a wall and cause more damage.
  • Added a new weapon wheel that players can use to more easily select weapons, which works on controllers and keyboard + mouse schemes. You can also hit number keys to select a coordinated weapon on the wheel (e.g. 1 = top weapon (always Gauntlet Cannon), 2 = left weapon, 3 = right weapon, 4 = bottom weapon)
  • Electronics Factory level has been renamed to Going Electric.
  • Level design revisions in Going Electric adds more combinations of mechanics introduced in it, including a new mechanic where players can jump high off of spinning fans.
  • Added a brand new weapon, the Burst Gun, which debuts in Going Electric. It fires a circle of flamin’ blasts. Although it has low range, it’s powerful up close, encouraging players to take high risk/high reward up-in-your-face playstyles.
  • Flame Shotgun causes more damage if you’re up close to enemies, produces a larger flame, and also shoots out 3 fireballs to help damage enemies far away.
  • All fire based weapons can set enemies on fire! It causes damage for 10 seconds or until the enemy is killed. This includes the new Burst Gun and the Flame Shotgun.
  • Added an invincibility powerup. If you can find these pickups, you’ll be invulnerable to all attacks for 30 seconds!
  • Added another powerup called Power Dash that causes damage to enemies while dashing through them!
  • Cut unnecessary files and lightened the game’s download from over 3GBs to ~1.5GBs.
  • Various visual improvements and tuning across all levels.
  • Ending E-Drives now restores Brooke’s dash move.
  • Added lots more hidden pickups to all levels, including a new Reverse Timer item that shaves 30 seconds off the player’s current level time. This can help players get a better time on the level, especially on Hardcore mode.
  • Begun constructing new visuals for Going Electric, with a new focus on a tasty synthwave soaked factory aesthetic. 
  • Various surface textures have been improved and given a better fitting stylized, cartoony look.
  • Fixed a bug where Radius Droid’s grenades would still have their hitbox enabled after the grenade was finished.
  • Fixed the cell phone’s clock so it displays AM and PM times properly.
  • Added a menu where you can quit from the level select and also delete data. (Still haven't added the options menu to the level select, it's coming soon!)
  • Tons of general improvements and fixes.

What’s next?

Next will be plans for the final set of levels for the game. Although more content may not come your way faster than Brooke can down a can of ice-cold cola due to some IRL stuff getting in the way, the march of progress continues no matter how slow it gets. Hope you all enjoy this explosive update, have fun!

Psst... you can get instant updates for the game and more content on my Twitter!: https://twitter.com/SlyBalto


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Aug 21, 2021

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