Starting With a Bang

What better way to kick off the year than with the first post Early Access launch update? Got tons of new improvements and fixes ready for you to check out!

  • Unikorches ragdolls are back! They bounce and roll around after defeating them.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could still select one of the options on the Level Select side menu after opening up the options menu.
  • Updated controls for all menus so you can use ASWD like in other modern PC games while using keyboard + mouse for navigating as an option. Previously, it was the arrow keys, which didn’t match the game’s control scheme.
  • Updated game artwork with the help of Dusky! She made the new character art of Brooke Atomica and the Enforcer. Check out her game Havoc Fox on Twitter @HavocFoxGame. She’s got more slick artwork on her personal account @HavocDusk.
  • Buffed controller aim assist, making it easier to lock onto enemies. 
  • Added tiny initial delay when firing and aiming with the right stick, giving you a moment to aim at enemies before firing. Using weapons like the Surfboard would miss almost every time on the initial shot.
  • Improved various environment and object graphics across all levels, including the floating platforms in Enter the Dam, the treasure chests in Ancient Tree, and new background elements in Going Electric
  • (Finally!) improved the walljump while using a controller so if you jump over a ledge to land onto the ground, Brooke doesn’t keep her directional lock like while she’s sliding down the wall, making it easier to shoot at enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where the level finished screen would display a category (i.e. number of diamonds collected) as 100% if the count was barely under the requirement. It now correctly displays 99% to prevent any confusion.
  • Fixed an issue where data servers set on fire still had their fire effect activated after it was destroyed. Also added in a snap system for data servers so now it’s easier to aim at them with a controller.
  • Patched out the ability to dash straight off a ledge and then dash again while in the air. This exploit allowed for further outward reach than intended.
  • Changed the vents in Hydro Rapids City so Brooke always lands on the ground instead of where the vent lands. It looked a bit strange when she would land before the vent top came down.
  • Rearranged the start of the first open vertical climb section in Going Electric so that you no longer can get stuck in the bottom-right area after activating the platform switcher.
  • Adjusted the cell phone pause menu so you can no longer glitch it when exiting the confirm menu and reselecting an app as quickly as possible.
  • Adjusted generators in Going Electric so their idle speed is a bit faster, this should help reduce wait time to begin attacking them while transformed on the electrical lines.
  • Added visual effects to communicate better that friendly cannons in Winter Assault are only usable once.
  • Fixed an issue where the follow camera was too stiff in the playable build versions compared to the version I was working on in-engine.
  • Reworked the jumping bamboo obstacles in Ancient Tree so they’re (hopefully) less glitchy.
  • Found and solved an issue where a Snowman was being activated by an Electric Blitz nearby on accident in Winter Assault.
  • Tracked down and solved the issue where rolling snowballs always skip forward suddenly before rolling smoothly down the hill.

I hope this new update makes your 2022 just a bit better! More updates will be coming up whenever they’re ready, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @SlyBalto for updates on fixes and visual improvements. I got something pretty crazy in the works and you don't wanna miss it!

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