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I have a huge announcement to make for Brooke Vs. World Doom.

It’s officially released onto Early Access on Steam! You can checkout the page for it right here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1785450/Brooke_Vs_World_Doom/

I do want to be totally transparent about a major change to the game, however. The game will no longer be free to play, but a free demo will be updated alongside the game on both Itch.io and Steam. Players that have already downloaded/purchased this game can request a free Steam key! All purchases made on Itch.io for now on will come with a free Steam key! I’ll be honest and say this was a difficult decision to make. I’m a strong believer in “try before you buy”, so there will always be a way to play at least a chunk of this game for free. All funds, down to the last penny, will help boost this game forward, since as you might have noticed updates don’t come out very often. This game has been the biggest project I’ve ever worked on and I will always fight for more time and resources to make this game the craziest, funniest platformer I can possibly make.

Wanna know how to get your Steam key if you already downloaded/paid for this game? You can get your steam key by visiting your itch.io game download page! If you’re unable to get a key, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to give you a key! The game is now playable!!

Now the big question remains: What’s new in this version of Brooke Vs. World Doom? We got everything on the menu today! Bug fixes, improvements, updated levels, you name it! Our finest selection is dashing in this autumn:

  • Remade all city buildings for Hydro Rapids City. They now look like actual buildings!
  • New profile systems lets you save progress on 3 different profiles, you can even give it a custom name!
  • You can now open the option menu while on the level select screen!
  • Various level design improvements across all levels, including a brand new last 1/4th section for Ancient Tree. Frustrating parts of Going Electric, especially the final 1/4th section, have been revamped for optimal no-frustration-all-fair level design.
  • Fixed an issue where Brooke would stay invincible after teleporting with the vents in Enter the Dam.
  • Fixed an issue with SteamVR turning on whenever the game would be loaded up on PCs that had VR enabled.
  • Designed new buttons for deactivating security gates in Enter the Dam. They pop out a lot more and have a lot more feedback when activated. Enter the Dam on Hardcore mode now has extra gates to open.
  • Damage numbers have been added, so now you can tell how much damage you’re causing on your reign of destruction. You can set them to be normal or large. This can be entirely disabled as well.
  • Going Electric’s generators now have different numbers of parts to provide variety in destroying them. A generator with 2 parts versus one with 8 may require different approaches to destroy them quickly.
  • Fixed an issue where throwing a box after moving on the depth axis (towards/away from the camera) sets the box’s location to where it was first picked up.
  • Players can now use the right stick to aim + fire to help aim at enemies while on a controller as an option! While using the right stick, the left stick is still used to move Brooke left and right, but the aiming is only activated by the right stick until it’s let go.
  • Added variation in the Burst Gun’s explosion radius so it can burst clockwise or counterclockwise. The radius can also start at a different rotation (i.e. the first burst isn’t always on top, it can be anywhere, each burst is still the same distance from one other another)
  • Buffed Firekicks’ fireballs so they’re bigger and last a bit longer
  • Turrets in Enter the Dam aim at Brooke with a randomized offset per shot to add more variety in where it fires its bullets.
  • Buffed Flame Shotgun’s upclose damage range so it’s a bit bigger, making it easier to cause tons of damage up in enemies’ faces.
  • Buffed Crazy Rocket’s explosion radius and changed the fire method so it shoots 3 rockets at the same time (at a slower rate for balancing)
  • Scanlines are now adjustable. Scanlines are also added to levels that didn’t have them added to.
  • Fixed an issue where down kicking next to a wall after sliding down doesn't work.
  • Options that change anything visibly disables the pause menu blur so players can see the changes they’re making.

I hope you all have a great time with this launch of the game. It’s been a crazy journey and things are only gonna get more exciting from here on out. Enjoy!!


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Nov 18, 2021

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