Cranking Up the Heat

Things are getting hot this freezing session! Bug fixes and improvements are on the menu and the spices are sizzling in this new update. Grab a mug of hot chocolate and checkout the complete meal list for this crazy update:

  • You now finish levels by smashing up a nefarious Dark Sphere! This matches the breakable checkpoints and also provides more excitement than just simply crossing a finish line.
  • Level Ratings has been completely reworked into a percentage score for Original and Hardcore: Fill up a milkshake with 3 catagories: time, diamonds collected, and objectives finished. Perform well in all three areas to earn a sweet milkshake for that level and mode! Get a tasty strawberry milkshake on Original and a classic, irresistible chocolate milkshake on Hardcore.
  • Added a new aim assist for players using controllers! This makes it easier and more intuitive to aim at targets.
  • Completely rebuilt the pause menu from the ground up into a fun cell phone menu! You can change the wallpaper to something that fits your style. Save data issues with the game settings are finally fixed now.
  • cover for the game has now been updated with a high quality 2D render of Brooke Atomica and a spruced up logo by TemzyPlays
  • Difficulty has been converted into the Zesty meter; increase the difficulty to get more diamonds upon completing objectives like destroying turrets, generators, etc. This replaces the end-of-level diamond multiplier, so you can now better see the boost in the number of diamonds collected while battling through levels instead of having to wait all the way until the end of the level.
  • Overhauled all menus with cleaner designs and a new handcrafted custom font. Level start countdown and level finished texts are now polished 3D widget elements. Added a unique icon for every usable weapon.
  • New, stronger sound effects for weapons such as the Flame Shotgun and Party Rifle are now added for maximum carnage satisfaction.
  • Added a system that reduces the volume of identical sound effects that are spawned at the same time. For example, if you kill a group Unikorches at the same time, it’s not as ear-splitting anymore, the system automatically turns down the volume of those sounds.
  • First level The Adventure Begins has been renamed to Enter the Dam.
  • Made the button that pops up in Enter the Dam a lot more noticeable. Fixed a problem where Dynamic Powerups would continue to be used up during the cutscene, so players now don’t have to worry about losing powerup time to the cutscene.
  • When using a controller, aiming reticles have smoother movement while looking around and changing directions, but still fast enough to keep up with fast inputs. All cameras have been given smoother movement.
  • Fixed up bugs involving doorway transitions, including Brooke playing her running backwards animation when she’s facing forward and facing the wrong way entirely.
  • Unikorches start attacking slightly faster for more challenge and now have a small electrical effect to telegraph they’re about to create a shock.
  • Weapons including the Flame Shotgun now can activate electric gate switches in Enter the Dam.
  • Fixed an issue where throwable boxes in Electronics Factory kept freezing after being thrown.
  • Various visual improvements and tuning across all three levels.

Check out this brand new 2D render of Brooke Atomica, made by yours truly!

2021 is already starting with a bang, but there’s more on the way! Stay tuned for a sneak peak at a 4th playable prototype level and even more fixes and improvements. Keep warm out there!


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Jan 29, 2021

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