Hot Summer Forecast

It’s the summer season and things are sizzling with today’s forecast consisting of a huge heatwave coming from a new update for Brooke Vs. World Doom. Local weather experts advise guzzling ice cold water, hopping into some shade while outside, and checking out the newest, spiciest changes rocking this update:

  • All weapons are now full auto to add more focus on making intuitive controls for both platforming and shooting. Previously semi auto weapons (i.e. Flame Shotgun) had a timed limiter that now acts as the full auto fire rate.
  • Improved the main explosion effect. Explosions also now indicate if they’re friendly or not, being the same color as Brooke’s HUD and weapon bullets if it’s friendly and being a contrast color (usually matching enemy bullets) to indicate they can hurt Brooke.
  •  The Level Select's visuals have been revamped and has a new song for it composed by Nitrosparxx.
  • Redesigned the Difficulty menu so it can use mouse controls. Also, players can choose to use the mouse to hit the Press Start text as an option.
  • Added a new powerup called the Ammo Box that gives ammo to any weapon that has already been picked up at least once in the level. If you have no ammo left on a weapon that has already been picked up before during that level, it’ll still give the player ammo. This gives the equivalent of picking up weapons twice, so if a weapon pickup normally gives the player 15 ammo, this will give her 30 instead.
  • Dying mid air now has custom falling and faceplant animations instead of playing the same on-ground animations awkwardly in the air.
  • Changed the Shuriken Blast weapon so it’s less powerful and smaller, but to make up for this, it now fires way faster. This way, there’s a stronger sense of chaos upon using it. Previously, it wasn't slow but powerful in satisfying bursts like the Flame Shotgun, but it also didn’t fire fast like the anarchic Party Rifle, so this adjustment should make things more exciting.
  • Revamped the HUD with a better layout and easier to read text for things like current score. There’s now a new dynamic movement system for the HUD which reacts to the movement of the camera.
  • Spawned Diamonds now play the correct pitch when collected right after spawning (i.e. the diamonds that spawn on the dropping platforms in Hydro Rapids City)
  • Enemies that get killed now play a hit sound like when they get damaged normally.
  • Extended Electronics Factory utilizing the new mechanics added previously and introduces a new enemy type.
  • Added more environmental graphics and structures to Electronics Factory and Ancient Tree.
  • Added a simple loading screen for when entering playable levels.
  • Fixed an issue where completing Electronics Factory would incorrectly write save data so the records would display under Hydro Rapids City.

So, what’s next for the project? Currently, I’m planning on:

  • Adding an adjuster for the HUD movement effect’s intensity.
  • Implementing a new pause menu that utilizes mouse controls and adding mouse controls to the options menu.
  • Working on a 4th playable level and getting a prototype version out the door and into players hands.
  • Fixing various issues with controls on menus.
  • Reducing the game size by cleaning up unnecessary project files.
  • Adding more exciting content in general.

Enjoy the new update everyone, and keep cool out there!

~ SlyBalto

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Jul 20, 2020

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